July 14, 2024
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DynIP DNS- Free 30 day trial
DynIP is an Internet communications tool used by small/home offices, personal users and large companies to remotely locate computers, branch offices or IP based devices/ systems such as network cameras, DVRís, printers, PLCís, lab instruments, building or industrial control systems

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iWare is an Operator Support System for operators of any process industry control room or control station for refining, petrochemical, power generation, air separation, metals processing, pulp and paper, water and pipeline systems. iWare enables operators to act faster, smarter, coordinate production, maintenance and engineering faster and our electronic logbook will record the results. iWare encourages ownership and teamwork among plant personnel. iWare enables you to deal in real time with issues like finding and following procedures, procedural guidance access, improved control of temporary conditions, replacement operator training, supplemental operator knowledge to perform required functions. EPC companies can reach turnkey project turnover sooner and deliver documentation effectively.

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